PMD as Amiens is the Free Will Shakespeare Festival production of As You Like it.  With Kevin Corey and Tess Degenstein as Touchstone and Audrey.
The Adventures of Wanda & Jack poster image

Songs for a Dark Lady
Paul Morgan Donald

Theatre Composer
As a theatre composer and sound designer, Paul's many credits include over 20 original musicals, as well contemporary scores for the Free Will Shakespeare Festival and original scores and sound designs for theatres across Western Canada.


Among his musicals are the Moorish - gothic Death's Godson and alt-country  The Adventures of Wanda and Jack [co-written with partner Michele Brown], Kink! [2001], a musical about the life and times of 1950's pinup queen Bettie Page (Starring Kimberly Carroll), and Remoka Rink,  a musical look at life around a  small town hockey rink, with book by Conni Massing.

He also co-wrote and performed a trilogy of rock musicals as the DeadRats with Dave Clarke, Peter Moller and Vlad Sobolewski: DeadRats in GarageLand, DeadRats on Arrival, and DeadRats Go To Hell

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