One of my favorite gigs!  Playing out at the airport for Edmonton Tourism.  There's something really exciting about taking art out into a public space.  I meet an incredible variety of people.  Once within half an hour I talked with an architect/classical musician who spoke very knowledgably about my chord subtitutions,  a three year old girl who stopped by to dance while she and her mum waited for her big sister to arrive, and an oil-rig worker who wanted to give me the rest of his pack of smokes because he thought I sounded just like Stevie Ray Vaugn

It reminds me of when I was busking around Europe in the early 90's, pretending to be a local for the North American tourists.

with partner Michele Brown doing music for the ACE Awards.
Paul Morgan Donald

Live Music for Special Events
Live Background Music for Special Events in the Edmonton Area. Improvised Guitar that responds to your event as it unfolds. From acoustic fingerstyle to electric jazz, blues and rock.

"Time after time, I have found Paul to be the consummate professional; first as a top notch musician but also someone who knows how to read a crowd and play accordingly – he always adds a warmth and classy tone to our events that had been noted by our clients.  It is a priviliege to include him as one of our profiled artists and brag that he’s one of Edmonton’s own – and, it is a pleasure to work with someone who is in tune with our clients as an audience as well as us.  I am thankful Paul is able to assist us in promoting Edmonton and showcasing one of our key messages through his music, our festivals."

Jenifer Christenson
Director, Marketing & Communications
Edmonton Tourism
For Booking Information:

or call 780-887-2857

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